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Custom dedicated servers

To meet your changing requirements, we offer custom built servers. You can assemble your own dedicated server simply by dragging or clicking the components of your own choice. If you prefer to upgrade your dedicated server instead of building your own server, we allow you to make minor adjustments. You are able to upgrade your server capacity to a higher level based on your hosting needs. By making minor adjustments to your dedicated server you can profit from a lower setup fee and faster setup time.

Minor Upgrades
We only charge  39 setup fee for upgrading your memory and hard disk (minor upgrades). Moreover, we don’t require 3 months payment in advance.
Custom built dedicated servers
The average setup time is 5 to 10 working days and we require a minimum payment of 3 months. Moreover, we charge  99 setup fee for our custom built servers.

Assemble your own server by simply dragging or clicking the hardware of your choice!

Issues and Recommendations
There are no issues or recommendations for your current configuration. There are no issues with your current configuration, however: - Your server needs at least one processor.
- Your server needs at least one RAM module.
- Your server needs at least one harddisk.
- When adding a second processor, it has to be identical to the first one.
- The processor you picked does not support more than one processor.
- All RAM modules have to be the identical size.
- Your total amount of RAM exceeds the maximum your processor support.
- Your RAID card does not support this many harddisks, please upgrade your RAID card.
- There is no barebone to fit your amount of RAM modules at the moment, please remove your selection to proceed
- We strongly recommend purchasing two harddisks for redundancy in case one breaks.
- You will be limited by the size of your smallest harddisk should you use RAID 1.
You cannot remove the main power supply. This spot is already fitted with a component. There is no room for this component. There are some issues with your configuration: Do you want to remove this component?