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Network provides a superior network for your dedicated server. Your server is connected to a superior network which is redundant at every step of the way. It all starts at the redundantly set up 2x Foundry BigIron RX-8 switch which alone has a capacity of 960 Gigabit. Then travels through our redundantly set up dual Brocade FCX series to the Brocade FLS switches we use in the racks.




The total capacity of the network is around 25 gbit, which is achieved by using premium carriers such as Global Crossing and Cogent. There are also redundant fiber rings linking up several datacenters, should one datacenter lose networking it is quickly resolved by temporarily routing all traffic through a fiber with another datacenter. Rotterdam 250 MB Rotterdam 500 MB Rotterdam 1000 MB

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Instant setup is a professional hosting provider with a no-nonsense mentality. We are one of the few hosting providers that actually offer affordable dedicated servers with instant setup. Therefore, there is no need to wait hours or even days to host your IT environment. Our dedicated servers enable you to create a fast and reliable hosting environment within a few minutes. Save time and money by getting our dedicated servers with instant setup and enjoy our servers with robust performance.

Dedicated KVM over IP stands out in delivering flexibility, simplicity and convenience. All our dedicated servers come with many free features, such as dedicated KVM over IP. This feature provides technical freedom, because it enables you to control your server independently. Moreover, the unique and robust features of a dedicated KVM over IP allow you to control your server remotely 24/7 at BIOS level. With this free feature we provide more flexibility and usability on our dedicated servers. 

Application Programming Interface (API) provides a reliable and easy to implement Application Programming interface (API). Our API allows you to integrate our control panel seamlessly into your own systems. By integrating our control panel you can resell our dedicated servers under your own private brand at prices you want. We allow you to use our infrastructure and at the same time you will have a total control in providing support to your own customers. Get started on integrating our powerful API in to your business and earn money easily.


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