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Should you be converting your website to HTML5?

09/12/2012 | Internet hosting |

One of the most important things to think about when you're developing a website is how you'll offer users a smooth, engaging experience that will persuade them to come back time and time again. Therefore, it's important you think carefully about how you present your content to visitors, which is where you may be able to benefit by using the HTML5 markup language on your site, particularly if you're hosting media content.

The technology, which is the latest version of the hypertext markup language created in the 90s to display content on the web, offers a wide range of features to web developers that were not available on earlier versions.

For example, one key benefit of HTML5 is support for native video. This means you can present this content directly to users without having to rely on third-party technologies such as Abode Flash. If firms are using such add-ons, individuals who do not have the right plugins will see 'black holes' in pages where multimedia content should be, which does not make for a good browsing experience.

It was noted by BBC News that the variety of tools available is one reason why HTML5 is being so enthusiastically received by businesses. As users now expect advanced, high-quality experiences when browsing the internet, the news provider observed: "Companies cannot ignore the need to re-code their entire websites in HTML5, especially the multimedia content."

Accorded to research conducted last year by Binvision, 34% of the world's top 100 websites were using HTML5 12 months ago to structure their homepages and this number is likely to continue rising as more people upgrade to browsers with HTML5 compatibility. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer all now support many HTML5 features, as do many popular sites such as YouTube.

One site that often uses HTML5 to improve its user experience it search engine Google. While the site's default home page is usually sparse, it has become noted for its occasional 'doodles' to mark special events and anniversaries.

A growing number of these are interactive, presenting users with minigames to play in their browser, but did you know these are created using HTML5? This is just one example of how HTML5 can be used to create innovative presentations to really make a site stand out.


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