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Why you need to make your site mobile-ready

10/11/2012 | Internet hosting |

One of the great things about the tech industry is that it never stands still. There are always new developments and trends aiming to make our lives easier and one of the key ones at the moment is the rise of mobile. More powerful smartphones and tablets, as well as greater availability of fast data connections such as Wi-Fi, means more people than ever are accessing websites on the move. But while this may be great for consumers, it could pose a number of issues for website owners and developers.

Consider your layout
If you think your standard PC-optimised site will be good enough for mobile users, you need to think again. Features such as graphics, embedded videos and image-heavy pages might look great on a large screen, but on a small mobile display, they can make a site tricky to navigate. It also makes it more data-heavy, meaning it will take longer to load. Mobile users value speed above all other considerations, so if they're having to wait around for your site, they're unlikely to come back.

Potential for sales?
Still not convinced? Figures released this week from Juniper Research suggest the number of people making purchases via their device is set to grow by 50% by the end of 2014. That's a total of 580 million people around the world buying goods and services on the move. So if you're using your website as a sales platform, you could be missing out on a major income stream, as Juniper estimated total global revenue from remote purchases will hit $730 billion (€564 billion) over the next five years, with a significant percentage of this shifting to mobile.

Fortunately, there are tools to help with this. Programs such as the Magento ecommerce platform or Wordpress can help create mobile-optimised sites or dedicated apps to help make your storefront more suited to small screens, taking advantage of mobile capabilities such as touch interfaces while ensuring the display is clean and user-friendly. With more consumers than ever using mobile as their primary means of getting online, there can be no excuse for failing to cater to these people.


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