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Are you suffering from 'web envy'?

10/17/2012 | Internet hosting |

If your company is looking to stand out from its rivals and communicate to potential customers why they should choose you over your competitors, making a good impression with your website will be essential. As more consumers than ever are getting their first contact with a firm through the internet, you need to be sure your site is easy to navigate, looks good and has all the functionality users want, all with ensuring the information provided is adequate and up to date.

For many businesses, the key thing could be to ensure they do this better than their competitors, which means many website developers may spend time checking out their rivals' sites to see what they're doing better than you. But a new survey has found a large number of people aren't liking what they find when they browse other companies' internet pages. Research by software firm Decibel Technology found 37% per people think their closest competitor is doing a better job with their website than their own organisation. However, despite this, many companies aren't taking the necessary steps to improve their web presence.

The company stated: "Web envy is good if it inspires businesses to maximise the performance of their own website, but the consequences of not acting on this are rather more sobering. "Some of the survey's findings related to this indicate the importance of improving in this area. Decibel offered several statistics you might need to consider.

• 51% of respondents said a website affects their opinion of an organisation.
• 46% would consider not doing business with a firm with an out-of-date or hard to navigate site.
• 38% of employees wouldn't like to work for a company with a poor web presence.

These results are fairly clear - if your site isn't up to the standard of your rivals, customers will go elsewhere and you could have trouble attracting the best talent. So the importance of buildings a smooth, easy-to-use website can't be overstated.

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