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Can you benefit from a dedicated game server?

10/19/2012 | Internet hosting |

If you're passionate about online gaming and you're looking to enhance the experience for you and your friends, one solution that could be ideal for you is a dedicated server built especially for your needs. This could be especially useful if you play regularly with the same group of people and want to be sure of a high-quality experience. By moving your gaming platform to a dedicated server, you can avoid the hassles of seeking out reliable connections, while you can also ensure that the game options are entirely under control.

So if you're playing a particular mod, maps or option set that's unique to you and your friends, having this set up on your own server is a quick way to play the titles you love. As you can also control who has access, you can be sure you enjoy private sessions without worrying about anyone else intruding. The most common use for a dedicated game server is to host first-person shooter games, such as Call of Duty, Team Fortress or Counter Strike. This solution is especially suited for these games because of their complexity and the need to send a huge amount of data between users and have it arrive quickly. By offloading these processes on to a dedicated machine rather than that of the host, you can rest assured you'll get a smooth, lag-free experience.

It has been noted by Tech Radar that there are other options available for gamers, such as renting a server. However, the publication noted that as these are typically pre-packaged deals, you might find you're limited in the mods or maps you can add to the server on demand. Therefore, if you really want a personalised online gaming experience that meets your exact needs, dedicated servers are the best way to go. Tech Radar noted that as long as you're confident using the Linux-based platforms most commonly-used on these servers, you'll have all the deep-level control you could ever need to get the most fun out of your games.

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