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Why Windows Server 2012 could work for your firm

10/22/2012 | Data centers |

If you're setting up a hosted data center, one key decision is settling on an operating system (OS) as a base for your activities. There are several choices available, with a range of both paid-for and free distributions of Linux offering a wide range of functionality. But there is also Microsoft's Windows Server, which provides many advanced features.

The latest version of this software, Windows Server 2012, has been available for a couple of months now, which has allowed businesses and reviewers to get to grips with the platform and understand its capabilities. So why might you consider the OS ahead of one of the many alternatives? Even though the cost of the solution might make some firms hesitate, they have been reassured by one website recently that the system offers enough new and powerful functionality that it's well worth the investment. InfoWorld observed there are several "supersaver" features that offer good returns and mean the OS essentially pays for itself.

It was noted that Windows Server 2012 is a huge leap forward from the previous version. One of the principal architects on the development team, Jeffery Snover, explained that traditionally, it takes Microsoft a few versions of large-scale software projects to reach full maturity. Windows Server 2012 includes version 3.0 editions of several key tools, such as Hyper-V, PowerShell and SMB, that could give you even greater control over your dedicated servers.

These improvements alone make Windows Server 2012 "worth the price of admission", Infoworld stated, but the publication also observed there are several other new additions that add value to the OS. Highlighted features include improvements to the way files are written to reduce the risk of data corruption and new data deduplication processes to remove multiple copies of files, which could save you time and money by reducing your need for primary storage and backup capacities.

The 3.0 versions of tools such as Hyper-V and PowerShell were also praised. Therefore, it you're looking for a reliable, feature-rich OS to manage your data centers, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 could have all the tools you need to make your life as easy as possible.

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