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Cloud 'a key tech trend for 2013'

10/26/2012 | Data centers |

If you've been paying attention to trends in enterprise IT recently, you'll no doubt have heard about the cloud. This has been a focus for many firms, as it's seen as offering reduced costs and improved productivity. The technology allows you to host practically every aspect of your IT systems remotely. Do you want a bespoke application that can be accessed from mobile devices? How about storage systems that can share documents among staff for easier collaboration? The cloud can provide these and much more at cheaper costs than on-premises solutions.

The benefits of the cloud are increasingly being recognised as it becomes a mainstream technology, which has been reflected in the fact it has been named by Gartner as a key strategic trend for next year. According to the firm, both personal cloud for use by individuals and corporate cloud-based networks will be in high demand in 2013. On a consumer level, the cloud will gradually replace the PC as the location where users store content, access services and manage their digital lives.

"Users will see it as a portable, always-available place where they go for all their digital needs," it was suggested. This convenience might also be a key positive to enterprises looking to streamline their operations. For businesses, there will be huge pressure to do more to improve their services despite limited resources, the company noted. The cost benefits of cloud hosting solutions could therefore be a key factor in the decision-making of bosses.

As a result of this, the cloud is something any firm looking to bring their IT right up to date should be looking into. One of the great things about cloud computing is that there's no capital investment and you can easily upgrade as new technologies evolve and mature. This flexibility could mean you're in a good position to grow for years to come.

However, you shouldn't look to this technology in isolation as a guaranteed way to improve a business. Gartner observed the cloud is just one of several developments that will work together to drive innovation, with other key solutions including mobility, social tools and big data.

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