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Is your business facing cyber threats in 2013?

01/31/2013 | Security |

Firms could be looking at their IT operations in the coming weeks and months in a bid to become more productive and improve their financial situation, but they have to remember the importance of security. Cyber threats are a growing reality for all types of companies and those who ignore the risks involved in this area might well find themselves being targeted by online criminals.

Businesses that don't have a level of protection in place to block these cyber threats may find an attack is hugely damaging to them and it can take a long while to recover from an incident.

Growing risk
It's therefore vital firms consider what their IT systems and data centers need to have to reduce the risk of the company becoming a victim of cybercrime during the course of 2013.

Some businesses are more at risk of being hit by cyber criminals than others and in some cases, firms are having to repel dozens or even hundreds of attacks every day.

Even those who are yet to become a victim of this type of attack cannot afford to be complacent, as if they let their guard down there is a chance they could well get caught out.

When rather than if
Eugene Kaspersky, founder and chief executive officer of the security firm Kaspersky Lab, has even warned it is a matter of time before a major cyber warfare attack happens.

"Some enterprises are facing thousands of attacks a day, while others wonder if they are going to be hacked or not. This will occur across all industries and infrastructures and we have to think and accept that as a reality. We live in a dangerous world," he was quoted as saying by CNBC.

IT departments need to be aware of the dangers of cyber threats and ensure protection is in place to prevent criminals from being able to break into systems and cause untold damage.

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