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Don't get caught out by illegal software

02/07/2013 | Data centers |

When you're setting up a data center, finding the right software to use for the running of your dedicated servers and applications is always a key decision.

There's usually a choice available for businesses, with most having the option of free open-source software or paid-for alternatives that might be costly, but could offer a greater range of functionality.

For small businesses, choosing between these solutions could be a tricky decision, as they'll have to weigh up their limited budgets against their need to have the most capable solutions. But when opting for paid solutions, some enterprises could be exposing themselves to risk by the use of illegal software.

Whether inadvertently or as a deliberate attempt to cut corners, this is said to be on the rise among less sizeable enterprises. According to research by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), more than half of small firms (52%) have bought or downloaded illegal software.

This could lead to serious problems for companies that give their details to bogus providers, with commonly-experienced issues as a result of this including;

• Identity theft - 41%
• Product late or not arriving at all - 41%
• Being overcharged - 33%
• Credit cards being cloned - 28%

For many businesses, it seems they were unaware at the time of purchase that they were not receiving a legitimate copy, with a large number saying they had taken steps such as replacing it with a legal copy (50%), purchasing an access key (27%) or uninstalling the software (10%) as soon as they found out.

However, even when the problem is rectified to protect a business, paying twice for solutions could pose major problems for less-sizeable firms, while they might be open to liability concerns if they continue using illegal software, which the BSA noted shows a disregard for copyright law and business ethics.

Therefore, its vitally important you protect yourself from these risks when you make a purchase, making sure you only use trusted vendors to be completely sure you're getting a legitimate copy of the software.

Here are 4 out of 12 reasons why you should choose

99,9% uptime

High availability of servers are extremely important to our customers, thus we take uptime seriously. We offer 99,9% uptime on all our dedicated servers and third party monitoring to prove it. Moreover, we have a completely redundant network and we can execute network maintenance without any packet loss on your end.

Upgrade anytime

We offer additional flexibility by allowing you to upgrade your server at any time. You can upgrade your server without having to renumber your IP addresses or lose your data. All our dedicated servers come with hot swap drives, so the upgrades can often be done without any downtime.

Dedicated KVM over IP stands out in delivering flexibility, simplicity and convenience. All our dedicated servers come with many free features, such as dedicated KVM over IP. This feature provides technical freedom, because it enables you to control your server independently. Moreover, the unique and robust features of a dedicated KVM over IP allow you to control your server remotely 24/7 at BIOS level. With this free feature we provide more flexibility and usability on our dedicated servers. 

Native IPv6

IPv4 addresses are running out very quickly and preparing for native IPv6 is essential. We offer native IPv6 with all our servers by default, complete with reverse DNS. This means that our entire infrastructure is IPv6 supported. Dedicated servers with native IPv6 are truly future proof. We enable you to use your native IPv6 addresses instantly after your server activation.