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Certificate authorities form group to boost web security

02/19/2013 | Security |

If you're setting up a website as a selling platform for your business, one thing you can't afford to do without is a security certificate. This confirms to visitors that you are who you claim to be and that they are dealing with a secure website. Without this, customers are likely to get security warnings from their web browser that your credentials cannot be verified, which will lead to a lack of trust from visitors and result in many people turning elsewhere. Therefore, getting a valid certificate from a recognised authority is essential.

This month, several of these firms have announced a new alliance that will look to make internet security even more robust by promoting advanced solutions, offering information about best practices and improving the SSL protocol, which has been the backbone of web security for nearly 20 years. The Certificate Authority Security Council advocacy group has the backing of companies including Symantec, DigiCert, Globalsign and Trend Micro. It is said to have been formed in response to the growing threat posed by increasingly sophisticated hack networks, global cyber criminal organisations and state-sponsored espionage.

Its first activities will include advocacy efforts aiming to increase the use of best practices in SSL deployment, with a particular focus on the importance of online certificate status checking and revocation. This could be beneficial to many website owners, as the issue of security is one that cannot be ignored at the current time. With even some of the world's largest internet companies, including Twitter and Facebook, coming under attack from hackers, consumers will want reassurances that their personal details will be kept safe when they are browsing online.

By demonstrating a valid security certificate and robust SSL solutions, websites can provide the peace of mind individuals need to go online safely, so the new initiative could be a big help to many firms looking to improve their solutions in this area.

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