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CAs set to improve IPv6 services?

03/14/2013 | Internet hosting |

One of the most important parts of setting up a businesses website is ensuring to you a valid security certificate from a recognised body in order to give your customers confidence you are who you claim to be. Recently, it's been confirmed by one of these Certificate Authorities (CAs), GlobalSign, that it will be doing more to provide services for websites that use IPv6.

It claimed it is the first CA to offer all certificate revocations status services over IPv6, something that it noted will become essential for the SSL ecosystem in the coming years, as revocation status services are a crucial part of the base security system providing trust to the internet.

Shift to IPv6
The successor to the standard IPv4 system, IPv6 is set to replace the older variant in many major organisations. GlobalSign highlight last year's World IPv6 day had the support of sites such as Facebook, Yahoo! and Google. It was stated shifting operations to IPv6 will be critical to the future growth of the internet. In recent year, an explosive growth of connected devices and applications that require unique IP addresses has made this a top priority as the number of available IPv4 addresses becomes exhausted.

GlobalSign takes the lead
Chief technology officer at GlobalSign Ryan Hurst highlighted the importance of CAs being able to offer a full range of services using this technology in the coming years. He added his firm is proud to be leading the way on this in order to accommodate the needs of all organisations that have upgraded their websites in order to support IPv6.

He added: "Making investments to support the evolving requirements of the internet is an important part of GlobalSign's philosophy to not just be an SSL provider but a security partner." IPv6 is now the new norm for the internet and it will be important businesses look for partners that can understand this and provide them with all the solutions they need for this, from dedicated servers to certificate revocation status services.


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