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Why businesses are switching to dedicated servers

03/22/2013 | Internet hosting |

For many businesses that need to maintain a fast, reliable website as a key part of their operations, there's an increasing recognition that the best solution for meeting their needs in the current environment is dedicated servers. It was observed by news provider MyHostNews that shared services are no longer a viable options for many companies when it comes to running a business website.

This is because the resources are being split between too many users, resulting in bottlenecks and slow speeds that can seriously harm a business' ability to operate online. As the internet is now the first point of contact for many potential customers, you can't afford to present a poor first impression when it comes to your website. Delays of even a few seconds could make all the difference between acquiring a new customer and people getting frustrated and turning elsewhere.


Guaranteed resources
This is one of the main reasons why dedicated alternatives have become so attractive to many organisations. With these tools, you're able to use all of the resources of the servers and, if you choose to build your own dedicated servers, you can be sure they will have all the processing power needed for your business.

Another benefit of this is that you're also able to upgrade them whenever you need, if you find you're outgrowing your existing solutions. By building your own dedicated servers, you can be sure you get the exact amount of resources for your business without overpaying for excess capacity.

More control
Adopting dedicated servers also provides you with a greater degree of control over your operations. You'll be free to select the operating system of your choice and customise it in exactly the right way to meet your business' unique needs.

Because you'll have full administrator or root access to all aspects of the solution, you'll be able to easily manage and monitor your resources and spot any potential problems early, allowing you to take corrective action to ensure your servers are always operating to their full potential.


Here are 4 out of 12 reasons why you should choose

Upgrade anytime

We offer additional flexibility by allowing you to upgrade your server at any time. You can upgrade your server without having to renumber your IP addresses or lose your data. All our dedicated servers come with hot swap drives, so the upgrades can often be done without any downtime.

Instant setup is a professional hosting provider with a no-nonsense mentality. We are one of the few hosting providers that actually offer affordable dedicated servers with instant setup. Therefore, there is no need to wait hours or even days to host your IT environment. Our dedicated servers enable you to create a fast and reliable hosting environment within a few minutes. Save time and money by getting our dedicated servers with instant setup and enjoy our servers with robust performance.

Native IPv6

IPv4 addresses are running out very quickly and preparing for native IPv6 is essential. We offer native IPv6 with all our servers by default, complete with reverse DNS. This means that our entire infrastructure is IPv6 supported. Dedicated servers with native IPv6 are truly future proof. We enable you to use your native IPv6 addresses instantly after your server activation.

Custom built servers

We are committed to meet the changing hosting needs of our customers. allows you to assemble your own dedicated server with any combination of hardware, memory or processor. By using our user-friendly drag and drop configuration tool you can easily build your own dedicated server completely tailored to your own needs. All you have to do is to drag or click the components you need. Our custom-built dedicated servers provide enterprise solutions which allow you to maximize your IT environment.