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Are you paying attention to your server security?

03/27/2013 | Security |

We all know that managing an IT system for a large enterprise can be a daunting task. With so much to keep on top of, it's not surprising that many professionals feel the need to give higher priority to tasks identified as more important to the successful running of the system. But one question that needs to be looked at extremely closely is where you focus your security efforts. Analysis firm ESG recently asked security professionals at medium and large enterprises what their approach to this is and the results are highly interesting.

What it uncovered was that many personnel place a much higher priority on network security solutions that their server security. The study found:

- 58% said network security processes are more thorough than server solutions.
- 37% said the two areas are treated the same.
- 7% focused more heavily on server security than network protections.

ESG observed in many cases, server security is considered to be little more than a necessary checkbox to be ticked off for compliance purposes. In fact, it could often be true that all IT professionals do when it comes to server security is install antivirus software and assume their work is complete.

But if you're doing this, you could be leaving your dedicated servers vulnerable to attack. Hackers are getting more sophisticated all the time and if you don't react to the latest threats you could end up facing serious problems. Fortunately, ESG found attitudes to server security are improving as more IT and security professionals change their behaviour to take this are into account.

The company said: "Chief information security officers recognise that servers are under attack so they are increasing their use of tools like application controls, HIPS (host intrusion prevention systems) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) on critical servers.

ESG's data suggested most companies still view their networks as a security hub, but it was noted that if you know what you're doing, you can utilise network segmentation, security services and monitoring to help provide a strong secure environment for your servers.

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