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Fix network holes to keep your data center secure

04/24/2013 | Security |

One of the most important operations that you need to perform if you're using dedicated servers as the basis of your data center is to make sure these are secure. If you don't have safeguards in place, you could be at risk of costly downtime and attacks from outside sources, so there are certain activities that every administrator must perform to prevent this.


Fix holes by blocking malicious packets
One functionality that inevitably carries risk is the traversal of packets across a network, it was noted by Tech Target. On any given day, an enterprise can expect to handle millions of network packets and it will be up to administrators to filter these effectively and block or mitigate any that could be malicious.

There are a number of ways to do this, such as intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems and web application firewalls that, when deployed correctly, can be highly effective ways to intercept traffic in real-time.

Spot potential weak points
Among the potential risks for business is if they are running web servers. These will most likely have an open TCP Port 80, which could pose difficulties as HTTP traffic sent over these ports does not require any authentication.

Therefore, many attackers will look to piggyback on these as a means of gaining entry to a business' network, so it's an area that you can't afford to overlook.

Learn to discover breaches
However, even the best solutions might not be able to stop all malicious attacks every time, so attacks are able to breach the walls of a network. Often, these problems are not discovered until well after the fact, which can be too late to prevent damage being down to a business' network.

Therefore, it will be vital for firms to conduct testing and analysis of their data center solutions in order to be confident in the capabilities of their safeguards. Tech Target observed: "Whatever defence mechanisms are chosen by an Internet connected organisation, the need for human intuition in the way of network packet analysis will be a constant for the foreseeable future."


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