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Get the Right server for Magento hosting

10/31/2014 | Internet hosting |

Many of our customers run ecommerce websites, so we know that running a busy online store is tough! If you want to start your own store, you need to use the best tools for the job. Otherwise, your store is going to be a real headache.

I was recently chatting with one of our customers who set up a store on Magento. He purchased a Dual Core with minimum resources from us around 6 months ago, and he’s still using the software today, on the exact same dedicated server plan.

The traffic to his site has exploded over the last 6 months, and he’s now got three times as many products on his Magento store. So his dedicated server was not able to serve pages just as speedily as it did on day one. We thought that his Magento tips would be a great topic for a blog.

What Do I Need to Run Magento?

Magento is a pretty complex application. It’s continually pulling in lots of pictures, videos, options, text, social media buttons, comments and other content. So it needs a decent amount of power to run well. A dedicated server is the best solution for Magento, even if you are using the Community Edition. A dedicated server is self contained, so you can set up the software exactly how you want it. You can run Magento on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) too, but a dedicated server is the best way to ensure that your resources are yours alone.

You also need to bag plenty of RAM in your server so that it can cope with high demand, and you’ll never need to worry about other people’s sites bringing yours to a standstill. The more RAM you have installed, the more data the server can cache in memory, and the less it will need to write to disk. This means it will serve up pages more quickly, and it can also deal with requests from many customers at the same time, making shopping smoother and checkout faster. More RAM – more speed – more sales! It’s that simple.

What If My Server is Under Powered?

It’s possible to run Magento on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), or a shared hosting account. VPS and shared hosting are both affordable options for startups, and a site with low to medium traffic may cope. However, there are some negative consequences, particularly for larger stores:

• On a shared hosting account or a VPS, a large shop could be quite slow. It might be fine when there’s just one person looking at it (that is probably you!), but when you have many customers browsing at the same time, they could waiting a very long time for pages to load if the VPS is under resourced.
• Once the pages load, the images and video will take even longer!
• Slow sites always cause customers to leave; we recommend that you keep page loads under 2 seconds, and optimizing your dedicated server for magento is the only way to achieve that.
• Slow server response will kill your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts stone dead. In fact, it could even stop Google’s spiders from crawling your site, so you’ll never even get listed!

Our Simple Server Solution for Magento

Looking at a new Magento install? Get the server right - keep your customers happy from the start. We recommend that you purchase a Quad Core dedicated server plan (or higher). Quad Core is the minimum processing power we’d recommend for Magento, and is proven to cope with medium to high levels of traffic. Also, choose as much memory as you can afford so that your media loads comfortably. Check out our complete list of dedicated servers now.

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Here are 4 out of 12 reasons why you should choose

Bandwidth pooling

Other providers require extra money for bandwidth you may not even need. differs from other providers by providing bandwidth pooling across all your servers at no extra cost. If your other servers have plenty of bandwidth left, we allow you to pool the bandwidth to another server that requires more. This enables you to save money and you can use your dedicated server more efficiently.

Upgrade anytime

We offer additional flexibility by allowing you to upgrade your server at any time. You can upgrade your server without having to renumber your IP addresses or lose your data. All our dedicated servers come with hot swap drives, so the upgrades can often be done without any downtime.

No contracts requires no contracts because we are confident that you will enjoy our flexible, fast and high performance servers which are completely dedicated to your needs. Hence, we have no obligations; you can cancel your dedicated server simply by not renewing it. This means your server will automatically expire on its expiry date. We only want you to stay because you are satisfied, not because a contract requires you to.

Custom built servers

We are committed to meet the changing hosting needs of our customers. allows you to assemble your own dedicated server with any combination of hardware, memory or processor. By using our user-friendly drag and drop configuration tool you can easily build your own dedicated server completely tailored to your own needs. All you have to do is to drag or click the components you need. Our custom-built dedicated servers provide enterprise solutions which allow you to maximize your IT environment.