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Microsoft joins open data center group

02/28/2013 | Data centers |

Companies looking to make the deployment and management of their data centers more streamlined may welcome the news that Microsoft is set to join an organisation campaigning for greater openness and interoperability in the cloud computing and data center markets. Work to create a more standardised system that businesses across all industries can take advantage of could be hugely important in the coming years. With the amount of information growing all the time, data centers are being put under more strain than ever before, so moves to make operations easier could have wide-ranging benefits.

Multi-industry approach
Some of the world's largest companies from all sectors have already signed up to the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), which should give an indicator of just how important improving these operations is to industry. Microsoft will be joining the likes of BMW, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Lockheed Martin in the cross-industry body, which operates as a voice for enterprise IT, with topics including interoperability of systems, cloud computing and best practices for implementing big data solutions into data center operations.

However, there are hundreds of organisations participating in the group, which are all collaborating to shape the future of enterprise-grade cloud data center solutions based on new industry standard solutions that could make it much simpler for firms to get up and running without having to worry about issues such as compatibility.


Commitment to openness
The software maker stated joining the ODCA is a key part of Microsoft's commitment to openness and interoperability with its enterprise IT products, such as its Windows Azure cloud computing tool. General manager of Windows Azure Bill Hilf said: "We are dedicated to serving the industry and customers by providing an open, reliable and global approach to the cloud and we look forward to contributing to the ODCA's mission."

With the IT environment undergoing huge changes in recent years as many companies shift from on-premises solutions to hosted dedicated servers and cloud computing, having clear standards for the technology could be hugely beneficial in ensuring such deployments are successful.

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