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Redesigned SnelPanel = Simple, clean and easy to use.

05/24/2014 | News |

After a few months of design and development, we are happy to announce that we’ve launched our completely redesigned SnelPanel today. The overall layout of the control panel is different with this release so take your time when viewing the SnelPanel. 

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new below. 

Simple navigation & Responsive design

Along with the redesign we have made the navigation easier for managing your server. The overall organization of SnelPanel was a bit confusing so we reworked the navigation system to make more sense. All configuration options are now at one place. Our SnelPanel is mobile respsonsive so it functions better on mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones and tablets like the iPad. Now you can easily manage your account from everywhere. 

A new dashboard with better insight into your server configuration, bandwidth graphs, tickets and more

We’ve made some improvements; the first thing you may notice when you login is your dashboard. You can now find an overview of your server configuration, bandwidth graphs, tickets and more at a glance. With the call to actions on your dashboard you can renew, reboot and upgrade your server in just a few clicks.

More explanation and a clear overview

On every page you can find a short explanation of the features so this will help you to manage your server even more easily. Compared to our previous version of Snelpanel, you can expect a simple and clear overview on all pages and here you can find examples of the invoices and server management page.

The new invoices screen

The new server management screen

We’ve implemented your suggestions

We have taken your advice and we’ve implemented some of your suggestion to our SnelPanel. You can find a complete list of the implemented suggestions in SnelPanel but here are a few that we would like to share with you.

Show Server configuration
You’ve asked us to build a function where you can see all your server configurations and as mentioned above we did, you are able to see all the specifications of your server at one page. 

Improve navigation control panel
We have built breadcrumbs to improve the overall usability and functionality of SnelPanel.  

More upgrade possibilities
You are able to upgrade more services through your SnelPanel without opening a ticket. For example you can order various licenses from operating systems to software licenses for all your servers and pay at once. You can also change your unmetered bandwidth from 100 Mbit to 1000 Mbit unmetered and the other way around in just a few clicks.

Build functionality to renew all servers at once
Now you can renew all your servers and pay at once or you can make a selection of the servers that you would like to renew. 

Bandwidth alerting
You can now specify a threshold for your bandwidth usage so you are your staff will be alerted ahead of time to prevent against bandwidth overage charges and  this functionality will provide you better monitoring.

Cancel server button
We have added a cancel server option to SnelPanel. Now it is possible to cancel your server permanently which means all data will be wiped immediately when you press the cancel button.

A few final words

What you’ve seen here is just the start of the continual improvements we will be rolling out to the SnelPanel, both in terms of design and ease of use. We will also begin developing our White label reseller program and extend our API with new features.

Share your feedback

We hope that you will love this version of SnelPanel. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about the new design. So if there is something you like or even dislike, please let us know by sending an email to Also, if you have an idea for a new feature or improvement, remember that you can submit your ideas or vote on existing ideas from other customers on the Suggestions page of SnelPanel.

News, New servers and New Operating systems

05/09/2014 | Internet hosting |

Hey, we have been busy lately and we've got some new stuff that we would like to share with you. We have added a few new products to our site last month and some of them could be i ...


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