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07/26/2013 | News |

As you may have noticed last month we were really busy with the memory upgrades of our servers, we can tell now that we have finished all the maintenance windows completely. Just to remind you we have doubled the RAM of some of our Dual Core, Quad Core and Hexa Core servers (click here to see which servers these exactly are). Now our servers come with double RAM but they are still available at the same price.
We are delighted to share some more exciting news. As of this week we offer a brand new shiny Dual Hexa Core Xeon E5-2620 server. This server comes with 96 GB of RAM and 4x 2TB SATA hard drives with 3Ware Hardware RAID controller (With battery backup!). Our new Dual Hexa Core not only has a very fast processor, but it also provides security to protect your data. So if you are crazy about speed and dependability, you should definitely consider this new Dual Hexa Core server.
Of course we still have more to offer. Why not take a look at our brand new specials? These are our new specials at a glance:
- 50% discount on your 6 Months Hexa Core i7 970 order (only applies to Hexa Core with price tag
€ 129). Coupon code: HEXC50
- 50% discount on your 3 months Sandy Brige Quad Core: Xeon E3 order. 
Coupon code: QUADS50
- 25% discount on Parallels Plesk Planel license as long as your subscription remains active.
 Coupon code: PLESK25
Do you want to see more offers? Take a look at our special offers page for a complete overview!

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