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DirectAdmin is one of the most secure, stable and affordable control panel in the web hosting industry. Due to its user-friendliness, clean interface and simplicity it enables any kind of user to control its server, website, domains and emails very easily. Moreover, DirectAdmin offers a greatly enhanced security and many other utilities which provide great security policies for your account. This control panel is mostly recommended for starters because of its easy installation and configuration on a Linux server. Furthermore, DirectAdmin control panel provides all the tools you need to create an impressive web presence and enables you to add mail accounts, manage websites, configure database, access your account files and much more. This makes DirectAdmin without a doubt the most user-friendly  control panel and explains its popularity among new users.

Here are 4 out of 12 reasons why you should choose

Bandwidth pooling

Other providers require extra money for bandwidth you may not even need. differs from other providers by providing bandwidth pooling across all your servers at no extra cost. If your other servers have plenty of bandwidth left, we allow you to pool the bandwidth to another server that requires more. This enables you to save money and you can use your dedicated server more efficiently.

Upgrade anytime

We offer additional flexibility by allowing you to upgrade your server at any time. You can upgrade your server without having to renumber your IP addresses or lose your data. All our dedicated servers come with hot swap drives, so the upgrades can often be done without any downtime.

Custom built servers

We are committed to meet the changing hosting needs of our customers. allows you to assemble your own dedicated server with any combination of hardware, memory or processor. By using our user-friendly drag and drop configuration tool you can easily build your own dedicated server completely tailored to your own needs. All you have to do is to drag or click the components you need. Our custom-built dedicated servers provide enterprise solutions which allow you to maximize your IT environment.


Pay your invoices easily by adding SnelFunds to your SnelPanel account. You can add any amount higher than € 50 to your SnelFunds balance. Once you have transferred the amount to your SnelPanel account you can start paying your invoices without needing any of your cards. SnelFunds has lifetime validity and offers great bonuses.